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Hurricane Disaster Pet Preparedness

With the impending hurricane and storm warnings, please do not leave your pets behind! Some helpful tips include making a checklist that includes your pet(s). Have leashes, pet collars w/ID tags, meds, carriers/crates, car seatbelts, blankets, several days worth of food and water, current photos of your pets, and emergency info ready to go along with your own emergency plan. Have your pet's vaccination records with you in case evac shelters need to see them. Let other family members know of your plan. Have contact phone numbers with you. Charge your cell phone batteries and have a battery or car charger back-up. Have a flashlight and portable radio with fresh batteries handy. Be sure your vehicle has pet seatbelts or pet restraints and that your fuel tank is full in case of evacuation. Be sure to ask if the shelters accept pets, even though there are many that do...there are some who do not! Remember, you are not alone. There are agencies and folks available to help. For gre