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Happy Camera Day! Have you photographed your dog today?

Hello canine shutterbugs! Yes, today, June 29 is national "Camera Day." As a photographer with five wonderful subjects - the FiveSibes - it's always Camera Day at our homestead! Whether you use film or digital, load up the camera, grab some great doggie treats, and go have some fun capturing them in their environment! Some tips for great pet shots include getting down on their level, and, if possible, shoot in the outdoors where there is both great natural light and lots of things to capture their attention, which translates to wonderful face shots in photos. It also helps to avoid "green eye," which is very common with dogs. While some programs can eliminate "green eye," it's so much nicer to capture them naturally. If shooting indoors, try turning off your flash or using a diffuser, use a lamp to cast some light, and/or take their photos by a window or open door.Whether you are a novice or a pro, it's a day to have lots of fun photographing