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30 Days Has November, So 30 K9 Epilepsy Tips Have We!

  M y Flashback is of my beloved Gibson featured here in this 30 days of Epi-Tips (one a day consolidated into a slideshow) I created in the hopes that it helps others on their journey with Canine Epilepsy because Epi-dogs like Gibson, can~and do~live happy lives. This idea originally began as a daily tip posted each day for the 30 days of November's Epilepsy Awareness Month, and then I created the slideshow for a Purple Day® Every Day virtual conference one year. I hope if you are new to the Canine Epilepsy journey, know you are not alone, don't be scared (although you will be), and let us help guide you along the way.  Be sure to make your first stop at our #FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Online Resource Library right here on this blog! (See menu bar at top of blog!) So embrace it all, the good and the bad, the scary and the triumphant (because you will experience all of that with a dog that has seizures) and find all the things you and your furry best friend enjoying