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Woo! It's Flashback to Stuffing Time, a Canine Cooking Corner Thanksgiving Recipe, and Epi-Tip #21!

This week coming up it's time for Thanksgiving preparations and turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, the parade, and a food coma for all! So we thought it was fitting for our Flashback Friday photo to be one of my all-time favorites from 2010 when Harley was five, Gibson four, and the Pupsters were just mere pups at two! I had just placed the pan of stuffing on the kitchen window sill to cool off, when what should appear? Piercing blue eyes! Now while they could not have stuffing (onions and garlic - no-nos for the furkids), they did enjoy my recipe for their own Turkey MishMash! (Recipe below): And joining us this week is co-host, those beautiful Sibes and their mom from Love is Being Owned by a Husky blog! Be sure to stop by and visit them and our hoppers! And we do hope you'll grab some pics of "yesteryear" of your pets and join in our weekly hop as we stroll down Memory Lane.   Happy Almost Thanksgiving Flashback Friday!!!