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October is National Animal Protection & Safety Month and National Pet Wellness Month: Do you know First Aid or CPR for your canine?

You arrive home and discover your beloved pet is injured and bleeding. Or, he is in the middle of a seizure, or has stopped breathing. What do you do? While these are extremely scary scenarios, do you know what you would do first? Do you know if CPR is required? Do you know how to administer CPR or First Aid? Do you have a method of moving an unconscious and injured pet, especially if it is a large breed? Are the phone numbers handy for your vet, emergency hospital, and poison control centers? Are they pre-programmed in your phone? Do you have someone to call who can help you? Our Bandit practicing her Pet First Ai d . These and many other questions were recently answered during a Pet First Aid (American Safety & Health Institute) program recently sponsored by Paws Unlimited , an animal rescue located in Upstate New York. Charles and Donna, the husband and wife team of instructors from Emergency Educational Training, have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field and