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Let it Snow on a FiveSibes Flashback Friday!

Flashback Friday Photo ~ Gibson Well, it's snowing here in the Hudson Valley and we have some very happy Huskies! The beautiful snowfall has inspired me to focus on a favorite Flashback Friday photo of my furangel Gibson, who I believe loved the snow more than any other dog I've ever had! This photo captures the true spirit of a Husky. While they all loved snow, Gibson soaked it up as though he were lying on a beach! Being a Husky, and a wooly one at that, when it snowed I'd be hard pressed to convince this snowdog to come inside! He loved to lay down on the snow, upside down with his belly to the heavens, feeling the cool flakes pile up on him! One time, it was hard to tell there was even a dog under all the snow! To say this breed was born to love snow is an understatement! Although, and they always say there is an exception to the rule, little sis Chloe (our "tropical Husky" never received the snowdog memo, and she prefers her days to basking in sunbeams!