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Gibson, My #HeroPet

On my Mon day blog post, I talked about "Max," the movie. And in my post, I mentioned that Warner Bros. wanted to know  why we believe our dog to be a #HeroPet. Pets can be heroes for many different reasons. K9 Soldiers. Police. Search and Rescue. Therapy. Seizure Alert Dogs. Advocacy. My wooly Siberian Husky boy, Gibson, is a #HeroPet to me. He is the face of Canine Epilepsy awareness, an Epi-dog (canine epileptic), and he is a warrior, bravely living his life to the fullest even with special needs. He never lets set backs keep him down for long. And if his story inspires others to either adopt a dog with epilepsy or help give them the resources and emotional support for their own journey with an Epi-dog, then it's a job well done! #LiveGibStrong As many of you who have followed my blog for awhile know, Gibson and my journey began back in 2009, shortly after his third birthday. He had a grand mal seizure that scared me to the core. I walked in on him stiff,