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Flashback Friday #24 Springs Ahead With Important Pet Tips for Daylight Saving Time

--> It's Flashback Friday ! And we are jumping back a year for this p hoto of our Bandit waiting for t he arrival of Daylight Saving Time (DST)! This year, DST falls on this Sunday, March 10th, when we will be "springing ahead" our clocks and marking the pending arrival of the start of spring! While we are losing an hour, we gain “longer” days with it staying light later. This allows us so much more time to walk and play with out furkids, although in this Sibe household, we will surely miss the snow! But, having longer days seems like a fair trade-off! There are some important reminders for those who follow DST that we would like to once again review as we prepare for the upcoming spring and summer months: If your pet is on specifically timed medications (like our Epi-Husky Gibson who is on meds he must take 12 hours apart), you can help reset your pet's internal clock for these medications by staggering them by a half-