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#FBF: A Siberian Husky Dog's Game of Peek-A-Boo ~and Farewell to a Furry Friend, Lightning

   FiveSibes #Flashback ~ Pupsters Wolfie & Bandit ~ 2019 O h, this needs no words! My sweet, silly pupsters Wolfie and Bandit! This was taken right before they entered a fun game of yard zoomies! I always loved how playful there were together! Now how Wolife thought he was sneaking up on his sister while walking through all the crunchy Maple leaves, I'm not sure! But he gets props for trying! "Loving you was worth it. Every tear, every stabbing pain of grief.  Oh yes, you were worth it." ~Unknown 💛 Memories Are Visits for the Heart 💛     We are also joining in Brian's Home "Thankful" blog hop as I am always thankful for the years spent with my amazing, loving, and wonderful FiveSibes.      I'm dedicating today's blog post in Memory of the OP Pack's beautiful boy "Lightning"   Sharing our lives with our beautiful dogs is amazing. Losing them is devastating, as so many of us know. Today, we are dedicating our blog post to a longti