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Summer Fun Canine Photo Contest Winners!

Our Bandit is excited to share the news! The final round of judging for our FiveSibes Summer Fun Canine Photo Contest has been completed! Woo! From playing to swimming to hitting the beach and ball park, and from hiking to camping and lounging, your beautiful pups sure know how to have fun in the sun! Every single dog is gorgeous! And yes, while we did receive a majority of photos from Husky parents, the contest was open to all breeds, and only two of the judges were Husky parents. The others had furkids of their own in a variety of breeds. And we want to say right up front, that if your precious pup did not place in this contest...please know it is definitely not a reflection of your dog...the judges were in love with all the dogs, and as you know from my updates, they had a very difficult time judging the photos because the quality of Summer Fun themed photos were just amazing! The judges' panel had placed so many in the top, that there had to be a second, and then a t