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A Memorial Day Tribute to K9 Heroes

Wolf thanks all veterans. While we all head off to enjoy Memorial Day whether it is by the beach or in our backyards, and are enjoying a fun-filled time with family and friends as we take in the wafting aromas of food being grilled on the BBQ, let us all pause to reflect upon the true meaning of the day: Memorial Day, a day to remember and honor those - both human and canine - who have fallen in the line of duty to protect our nation.  The following are some videos honoring the four-legged heroes. (The third video plays automatically. To turn off the sound, just click on "pause" to that video until you are ready to listen to it). Please click here for a special Police Dog Memorial Service at a special K9 Cemetery. During World War II, Siberian Huskies were among the breeds used as working war dog soldiers. Buck, a Siberian Husky pictured here, was the U.S. War Dogs Ambassador. He died March 23, 2006. Rest in Peace, Buck. If you'd like to learn more about Bu