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It's the Big Game Day!!!

Today was a big fun day for so many with lots of good food...tossing of a ball...a little rough-housing among siblings and pals...and a lot of woooing and cheering...why it's none other than...   Puppy Bowl Sunday! Harley is pretty interested in the player lineup in this year's Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl VIII.    Chloe getting ready for some yummy Puppy Bowl Sunday snacks while watching the game and cool doggie commercials. Bandit getting ready to engage in a little indoor tag football with her siblings. Let the Husky games begin!   Wolf scored a touchdown while Harley hit the couch safe zone.  Gibson going in for the pass...   Harley knows half-time means dinner time! Wooo, that was fun! And congrats to "Fumble" on becoming this year's MVP! Did you check out this pup's moves??!!! Well played! We hope your Puppy Bowl Sunday was a  fun one!