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Love on a Sunday; and a Pawcircle of Healing for Furpals

As many of you know, our Gibson has been head-over-paws in love with Harley since the day we brought him home at four months of age, and she was just a one-year-old. One gaze into her blue eyes, and he was hooked! Her body slamming him into the pool, pawing him on his back, and playful Husky bites to his neck hooked this boy and he was immediately smitten with her and, six-and-a-half years later, he is still totally in love with her. Wherever you see Harley, Gibson is right by her side. This photo is of them holding paws as they lay by each other on the deck just enjoying the afternoon breeze. It personifies love...and yes, I believe animals can love and be in love!  Happy Sunday!  * * * * * * * * * Speaking of Love, Please Join Us in Sending Woos of Get Well Wishes to Furpals Suka & Forrest:  Our furpal, "Suka, " who may of you know, has been going through a tough time lately with not feeling good. We have a badge posted here on our left in a continuous #pawci