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Celebrating the Fourth of July Safely: Are Your Pets Ready?

Please remember that this weekend there will be many Fourth of July activities going on across the country and we should be considerate of our pets and how the sights and sounds of fireworks can affect them. While our Huskies seem not to mind the fireworks, our late Chelsey had a terrifying fear of them. If your canine companion is fearful, here are a few tips we have updated from last year's post to help ease pets' anxieties during this loudly festive holiday: 1 ) Definitely do not expose them to the great fireworks show in the sky. They will not enjoy it, even if you will. 2) Do not “reward” them for scared behavior as this will only make it worse. 3) Do not scold them for their fretful behavior, it’s not their fault they feel scared. 4) Sometimes there may have been something in the dog’s past that scared him/her. Before a loud event, try positive-reinforcement by having him near you and test out different sounds – for example: a bottle opening, a drum banging,