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Our hearts are so very heavy with sadness for the families of the Connecticut schoolchildren and teachers who lost their lives in the tragic elementary school shooting today. Heaven has gained 20 more little beautiful angels today. We are sending our thoughts , prayers, and heartfelt condolences to those families. Let us all hold our loved ones close and children even closer . We hope all of our furfriends and their families are, and will always be,   safe and well.

Flashback Friday #13: Siberian Reindogs!

Fla shback to Chris tmas time 2007: Gibson, just shy of being two years o ld, and Harley, a few m onths shy of turning three, are al l decked out in reindeer antlers ready to pull Santa's sleigh! Okay, Gibson is and Harley is just thinking "get these ridiculous ears off of me!" I love this photo of our "married" really shows their personality even at an early age : Gibson's silliness and Harley's queenliness - traits they both still have today that bring so much love and joy (and laughs) into our lives!  Speaking o f reindogs and r eindeer...her e's a little song to get y ou into the holiday spirit !   Happy Holiday Flashback Friday!   Grab our badge and join in! You can join our Flashback Friday Blog Hop up to a week after this posting! To catch up on past Flashback Fridays, visit us here: Flashback Friday #12: Memories of Christmas Past     Flashback Friday #