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Happy "Sweet 16" Birthday to our Alpha Queen Harley at the Rainbow Bridge

  Today is a bittersweet post as it would have been our beautiful alpha queen Harley's Sweet 16 Birthday. Harley was our first Siberian Husky, and the OG of the FiveSibes pack family! She was the inspiration behind my love of the breed, and the reason I fell under the Husky Potato Chip syndrome! (I could not just have one Husky)! Birthdays were also so much fun with my FiveSibes. It's as if they understood that cake and toys were coming! And Harley naturally embraced her princess role! She loved crowns! That's our alpha queen! Our queen wore her crown proudly! Cake time was always a blast! She was the "momma" dog...taking in the three Pupsters as if they were her own. She was the true love of Gibson, smitten since the moment he met her and she rammed him head over fluffy butt into the pool! I always loved how she would keep the Pupsters in line, teach them the ways of a Siberian Husky, and snuggle up with all of them. She was spunky and sassy, and could even be