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To/From Germany: Friendship Across the Miles

Harley with our gifts for German furpals Sammy & Buddy. During this past holiday season, one of highlights was when we joined the Santa Paws Christmas Gift Exchange organized by Jazzi's World's Mom. We came on board late, and feared we had missed what sounded like a fun holiday event. Fortunately, a family in Germany had been looking to partner up with someone, even though they have not gotten their blog off the ground yet. I hopped at the chance as my mother is German, my daughter studied German, and I had written some chapters and a synopsis for a book for a lovely woman who resided in Berlin some 15 years ago. All roads seemed to lead to Germany, so when this came along, I thought "perfect!" Well, I did not know just how wonderful of an experience it would truly be.  Our new furpals Sammy and Buddy from Germany! I was teamed up with the lovely Anni, Hu-Mom to two adorable fox terriers: 4-year-old Sammy and 5-year-old Buddy, and we have all become fast