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Cold Weather Ways to Have Fun With Your Dog Indoors

  Pictured here, Harley was patiently watching the snow and waiting to go out and play!   Brrrr! Baby, it’s cold outside! With January, comes the arctic blast that reaches out to grasp the Northeast, causing temps to dip way down low to zero and below, with currently there are some wind chills up to 30 degrees below zero! And in some regions, it’s that cold without wind chills. Even areas of the south along the coast are feeling the chill. And right behind this these sub-zero temps is a snowstorm! So not only is is freezing cold, ice is coating walkways and steps (be careful where you and your pup walk), and snow is a-comin'! It’s enough to make Frosty freeze! When the mercury drops, we have to remember our dogs can get cold, too. As the hu-mom to Siberian Huskies, the FiveSibes, this breed can, of course, withstand weather colder than other breeds. Snow is their favorite past time! But that is not the case with every dog. My mom had many dogs, and Poodles w