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Happy Birthday, America!

Woo! It is the Fourth of July! And Harley and the FiveSibes are looking forward to enjoying some BBQ treats!  In honor of this day, we would like to celebrate our country's birthday by sharing this video we created last year that features so many of our furpals from across America! So go get an ice cream cone or two (vanilla please, and don't forget to share with your furpals!), wave some American flags, and enjoy these beautiful "Patriotic Pets on Parade!" While you are enjoying all of the festivities, please be sure to keep our pets safe! While the fireworks displays are beautiful, many pets do not enjoy them. It is also a time of family parties and BBQs and also a time when many pets can get loose and run away. In this month's issue of American Pet Magazine , if you flip to page 5, I have an article Honoring & Calming Pets During Summer's Patriotic Holidays , with some tips on keep our furkids safe during these patriotic holidays. Here's a glim