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Our Epi All Star - Gibson - Inspiration for #LiveGibStrong - Final EpiTips & A GIVEAWAY!

To round up November's (Canine) Epilepsy Awareness Month, I'd like to highlight my very special and amazing boy, Gibson. He is the continued inspiration and namesake of my #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign, where we help share information, resources, links, and fundraisers to promote education about the positive and realistic side to living with a dog who has been diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy. Gibson and I have traveled this journey. We live it. He lives with it. I have written about his journey and will continue to do in the hopes of helping others who may now find themselves on the same journey. We are here to say - Epi-dogs are amazing! Is it! Is it scary? It sure can be. Is it worth it? Definitely yes!  So today, my Epi All Star is the boy who started me on this journey and has filled my heart with so much love.  My boy , Gibson.   Gibson has taught me so many things over the years. First, there's love, trust, and a bon

A Howling Howloween Flashback Friday!

Booooohaaaaaaaaahaaaaawoo! We're in frightfully good spirits and are flashing back three years to 2012 when our Bandit girl was trying to spook us by lying in wait in the glow of the jack o'lanterns! We're also highlighting our Howl-o-ween Pets on Parade video from that same year featuring so many of our fabulous furfriends. Some are now celebrating at the Rainbow Bridge, and they sure are missed, our own  Smokie included, but the wonderful thing about Flashback Fridays are these fond strolls down Memory Lane where we can remember those precious times spent together. See if you can spot some familiar furry faces... Flashback Fridays are brought to you by us - the FiveSibes - and our co-host, Love is being owned by a Husky , each Friday. We hope you'll find a photo or video from Memory Lane, post it, and link up to our Blog Hop each week! If you don't catch it on Friday, you can link up any time during the week! To catch our past Flashbac