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Our #FiveSibes Gift Guide for Epi-Dogs

O ver the many years of mine and Gibson's journey with Canine Epilepsy, folks have asked what types of things did I do and use when he had a seizure, after, and to help manage his comfort each day. I am pleased to say that I have put together a catalog of mine and Gibson's favorite items in a different type of Gift Guide-- one specifically for all the amazing dogs living with Canine Epilepsy (and some of the items any dog would love)! Our FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong Gift Guide for Epi-Dogs is filled with useful items ranging from products I used with Gibson to help keep an Epi-dog comfy, to items that we have in our Epi First Aid Ki t, as well as vitamins, helpful books, and Canine Epilepsy educational resources. There is also a section for FREE items! So grab a cup of your favorite seasonal beverage, snuggle up with your furbaby, and check out our entire Gift Guide   for Epi-Dogs for some great items that some very special dogs (Epis and non) would love to receiv