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Scrub-a-Dub...FiveSibes in the Tub!

As we know, bath and grooming days for a Siberian Husky is an adventure! This past Friday was spa time at our FiveSibes homestead and prior to the actual bath time, I posted this pic of our Harley queen reigning over the empty bathtub on our FiveSibes Facebook page , and we had readers comment about how well our Sibes behave during bath and grooming time. For starters are very fortunate enough to have a groomer who does house calls and has become very familiar with my Huskies over the years. Previously, we did a drop-off at a grooming parlor, but it was traumatic for both Huskies, the staff, and me! Gibson even managed to get himself out of their kennel one time and was meandering around the room on his own! A real Husky Houdini! I love having my Sibes groomed in their own home environment, and since my diagnosis of Rhuemetoid Arthritis now prevents me from helping, my wonderful future son-in-law stepped in to help keep our Huskies feeling calm by assisting the groomer and supportin