Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scrub-a-Dub...FiveSibes in the Tub!

As we know, bath and grooming days for a Siberian Husky is an adventure! This past Friday was spa time at our FiveSibes homestead and prior to the actual bath time, I posted this pic of our Harley queen reigning over the empty bathtub on our FiveSibes Facebook page, and we had readers comment about how well our Sibes behave during bath and grooming time. For starters are very fortunate enough to have a groomer who does house calls and has become very familiar with my Huskies over the years. Previously, we did a drop-off at a grooming parlor, but it was traumatic for both Huskies, the staff, and me! Gibson even managed to get himself out of their kennel one time and was meandering around the room on his own! A real Husky Houdini! I love having my Sibes groomed in their own home environment, and since my diagnosis of Rhuemetoid Arthritis now prevents me from helping, my wonderful future son-in-law stepped in to help keep our Huskies feeling calm by assisting the groomer and supporting each Husky with such love and care (he even got a few Husky hugs and kisses!) while the groomer groomed! 

FiveSibes Bathing Tip: Be sure the surface of whatever tub you use has a non-skid surface so your dog feels safe and secure while standing.
We used to bathe our FiveSibes in our bathtub. A few CCL tears, surgeries, and arthritis over the years, has led me to alternative methods. I purchased this fantastic portable Scrub-a-Dub walk-in dog bathtub that has reduced the stress of bathing about 99%! They LOVE this tub!  It has a ridged bottom (making it more stable for them to stand on, even when wet), a 25' hose with spray nozzle that hooks up to our kitchen sink, so the water can be adjusted to the perfect warm temperature, and there are drain plugs that makes emptying the tub a cinch. It's nice and sturdy, which is great with dogs like Gibson, who has special needs-- a weak hind end, CCL tears, and arthritis issues--to have the easy step in aspect. The sturdy tub with its high sides, slip-proof floor, warm water, and easy step-in style is what I believe gives my FiveSibes that stability that has allowed them to be such great bathers now! Plus, the cherry on top was my future son-in-law being right there in the suds with them, making them feel safe and secure.

Now, for Siberian Husky parents, it can either be fun, or it can be very challenging! It all depends on the Husky! Since Huskies are genetically geared to fear water because being cold weather dogs, getting wet equates freezing to death, it can be a bit of a challenge to show them that bath water is safe. So while our Harley loves the pool, the tub is a bit different. In the pool, she has free reign of her egress and ingress, but in the tub, there's some restraint, which does not go over well with our alpha queen! She'll howls and scream and to an unsuspecting passerby hears her, they may fear for her safety! Unless, of course, the tub is empty, as you can see from this collage! Whenever the tub comes out, Harley loves to step into it and make herself comfortable! Such a silly Sibe!

FiveSibes Bathing Tip: Keep the atmosphere as light and stress-free as possible. If possible, either you or a family member get right in the wet of things to help hold and support the dog, giving them a sense of security. 
Secure Dogs = Calm Dogs. 
"Look Ma...we're so clean and fluffy!"

*First Sibe*

*Second Sibe*

*Third Sibe*

*Fourth Sibe*

*Fifth Sibe*

Pawdicure Time!

"Look, Ma, we have pretty paws!"

Why should dogs get pawdicures?

FiveSibes Grooming Tip: It's important to keep paw pads trimmed of fur and nails well-manicured. The long fur in between the pads and nails that are too long can cause dogs to slip and slide on floors, and give them a feeling of instability when walking, which can stress them out at the very least, and could lead to them to possibly slipping and getting hurt. In the winter, keeping the paw pad fur trimmed prevents ice from attaching to the fur, and helps keep nasty road salts from sticking to the fur. And, they really look nice!

So, what's it look like after FiveSibes spa day is over?

Yep. For real! BOL!
 I think there may be a sixth Sibe hidden in all that blown fur!

FiveSibes Grooming Reminder: Please NEVER shave a Siberian Husky. Unless it's for a medical reason, their coats, while they may look hot to you, serve as insulation that protects them all year long and should never be shaved. It also prevents their skin from sunburn. We've talked about this plenty of times, but it's always a good reminder. Instead - be sure they are well groomed and free from mats so the air circulates freely through their fur creating healthy environments for their coats and skin.

And as for that Scrub-a-Dub Dog Tub? It gets a howling four-paws up each from our FiveSibes!
(*Note: I elected to review this bathtub without compensation as we are are really impressed with it and wanted to share the information!)


  1. Wow...You guys look so nice and clean after a bath. I always look the same afterwards that I did before the bath. So.....why bathe at all..BWHAAA....(Mommy says I stink, that's why) :(

    Thank you for your kind thoughts about my Sissy Shelly. She's getting a little stronger every day.

    1. So glad to hear Sissy Shelly is improving!

  2. So Mom wants to have you send directions - she is sending us over to have baths at your place:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    1. Oh, that would be so much fun! Come on over!

  3. Great tips guys, and oh boy! I know all too well about husky spa day!!! ARRRRRG! hahahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. That Scrub a Dub seems like a really great thing to have around!

    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats