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A Wolfie Wednesday Photo Contest Update!

"Woooo! Wolf of the FiveSibes here...I just got done doing some fun Autumn evening zoomies with my packmates and wanted to take a minute to bring you up-to-date news on our "Summer Fun" Canine Photo Contest. The second round panel of judges have selected the top 22...and now we are officially in the third and final round of judging with a new panel of judges to select the actual prize winners and honorable mentions from the top finalists! We are getting closer! You guys took some amazing and beautiful photos! And please remember...if your photo did not place, it was not by any means a reflection of your dog...all the dogs were gorgeous and the photos were stunning! It was a tough, tough competition I heard, and the results were all THISCLOSE! The photos (all 162 of them!) were judged on: 1 ) summer theme, 2) dog's expression, 3) composition of photo, and 4) quality of photo. Mom says we never had to go into a third round  in our photo contests before!