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As We Bid Farewell to the Year...

This Native American Wolf Prayer really struck a chord with me.  Not only because my boy was named Wolf a/k/a Wolfie (short for Wolfgang), but because his pawprints will always be right beside my footprints...along with four other sets from all of my FiveSibes. This photo I took of Wolfie when we were out in our yard one of a million times together truly captures something so very special, and now with his passing, means even more to me. For all of us who suffered through losing a beloved companion this year, may 2022 bring us peace. May all of our memories become visits for our broken hearts from our furangels, and one day may those special moments spent together be the memories that will once again fill our hearts with joy for having been blessed with them in our lives.  Be safe, and here is to a Happy and Healthy New Year. Our dogs would want nothing less for us. ~FiveSibesMom Back to Our Home Page & Online Resource Library    Wolfie, my beautiful buddy boy, this post is dedicat