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Happy 9th Birthday To Our Alpha Queen, Harley! Celebrate by Entering to Win Her Book!

Wooo! It's our beautiful alpha queen Harley's 9th Birthday today! It's unbelievable that she was just a little puppy nine years ago! Time sure does fly! Harley is our very first Siberian Husky and she is what started the FiveSibes! My daughter has wanted a Husky ever since she was a young child and when we felt she was ready for the responsibility, she chose little 8-week-old Harley pup to become a part of our family. Harley joined our senior rescue dog, Chelsey, a German Shepherd/Akita mix. But soon her rambunctiousness required a mate that could match her energy: enter Gibson. And it was love at first sight! They have remained inseparable ever since! We call them our resident lovebirds or married couple! Then, when the three Pupsters came along a few years later, Harley was just amazing; she took them under wing and became a wonderful surrogate mother to them.    Woo! Party time! Harley is an amazingly intelligent girl. She is always thinking and can sometimes