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ASPCA "What Not to Buy? Pet Store Puppies!" Video, Holiday Pet Gift Guide, and a Holiday Giveaway!

Gibson here! Hu-Mom has an important holiday message! With the holiday fast approaching, you may know of some folks who are thinking about getting their family a puppy for Christmas...we'd like to join in the with the SPCA and say don't buy a puppy from a pet store! Pet stores = puppy mills. Instead, why not visit your local SPCA, shelter, or rescue and check out the wonderful dogs just waiting for someone to love. There will be no Santa coming for them this year. No stockings with their names on them hung with care. No fuzzy toys, tasty bones, or healthy snacks all waiting under a tree for them. No family to say "Merry Christmas!" to them and lavish them with kisses while holiday music plays in the background. But we can make a difference! And if you can't adopt, consider fostering, sponsoring, or even just visiting your shelter or rescue this season to walk, play, and donate some goodies to. We can all make homeless pets have a bright holiday season. We&