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Paw Prints Forever on My Heart

I've really been missing my big sweet boy, Gibson...and today began as one of "those" days where his absence feels so overwhelming. Then, while out with the rest of the #FiveSibes on the deck this morning, I actually heard a fifth set of paws crossing the wooden floor as they were all coming back inside... Perhaps a visit, or his way of showing us he is always with us.  Paw Prints On My Heart You came into my heart one day, So beautiful and smart, My dear and sweet companion, I loved you from the start. And though I knew the time Would come, When we would have to part, You’ll never be forgotten, You left paw prints on my heart. ~Author Unknown #MissingGibson #LiveGibStrong #FiveSibesForever #LiveGibStrongForever   Shared via Missing My Pets at the Rainbow Bridge Facebook page. And, as coincidence would have it, after I posted Gib's photo on social media, I then hop over to link up to BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesd