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A Tribute for a Friend: Lycan - Last of the PawPack Huskies

 "Lycan" of the PawPack Huskies March 18, 2011 ~ January 26, 2024   T here's no other way of saying it...losing a furfriend is heartbreaking. I have been so lucky in all the years of writing this blog, to come to know so many special friends near and far. This includes Karen and her PawPack Huskies. Karen always shared such beautiful, creative, and silly photos of her Huskies: Lycan,  Mystie, Thunder, and Sassafrass. and I so looked forward to them. Not only did Karen share them on her own personal page, but also on her F acebook Group: Huskies & Malamutes Unleashe d.   The gorgeous PawPack Huskies in their heyday. Over the years, I relished looking through the wonderful looking glass of life with my FiveSibes and her PawPack Huskies and all of the Sibe shenanigans, fun, silliness, and model poses! As with my own, each time one of the PawPack Huskies earned their furangel wings, I felt it in my heart. That's how close us in the Siberian Husky world are. We lose o

Happy Sweet 16 Dear Pupsters at the Rainbow Bridge 🌈✨πŸŽ‚πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

Happy Sweet 16 Birthday North of the Rainbow Bridge, Dear Pupsters Chloe, Wolfie & Bandit      Wow. It's incredible to think that my beloved three "Pupsters" of my FiveSibes—Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit—would be turning 16 today. Oh, my, if they were here we'd be having such a big celebratory party! Sweet 16 and always been kissed. In my mind, they will be forever puppies...the three of them were best friends and siblings who were able to live their lives together forever  with our FiveSibes OGs Gibson and Harley. Now, they are all back together again, forever. My furangel pupsters are 16!   Here is a pic of my Pupsters when we first brought them home in 2008!  Oh, gosh, be still this FiveSibesMom's heart...I remember this day so elated I was to be going home with not one, but THREE puppies! I was on Cloud 9. I could not wait to get home and have Harley and Gibson meet them!  They were such adorable puppies!  3X the beauty, 3X the fun, 3X the Sibe she

Newsy Tuesday! The Story of Puppy Bowl X's Little Miss Suri Book Release

Puppy Bowl X Star "Suri" today with her new book!      The Story of Little Miss Suri: From Surprise Puppy to Puppy Bowl Star Book Written by Carl D. Bromberg Illustrated by Barbara K. Slocum Edited by Dorothy Wills-Raftery Published by Visions Photography      "I hope that parents and children will take away a love of animals from this book. To realize that the shy and timid pets at shelters and rescues just need some patience and love and TLC to become loving members of their family."   ~Carl D. Bromberg, Author of The Story of Little Miss Suri  & Owner/Photographer of Visions Photography I' m so excited to announce the publication of Little Miss Suri 's children's book (or for any age Husky lover)! As many of you know already, I'm a career writer, photojournalist, and editor. I've had the privilege of editing Carl D. Bromberg's new book all about his beautiful rescue puppy, Siberian Husky, Suri! Many of you already follow Little Miss S