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Loving Life's Little Surprises!

Chloe says, "Thanks for the prizes, Cooper & Lola!" S o this has been a really great week! My daughter (and the other Hu-Mom to the Sibes) celebrated her birthday. We've had lots of snow, which makes the FiveSibes very happy. Then a package arrived from our furpals Cooper & Lola, who ran a drawing on their blog for a first aid kit, and notified us that we had won it! What a terrific surprise! Chloe was there to help me open it up and check out the goodies inside. In addition to a great little first aid kit, there was also a nice red frisbee, which the FiveSibes will love to play with, a cute (and very handy) magnetic petsitter pad, and an adorable photo of Cooper & Lola themselves! Thanks guys!!!  Big Bro Buster all comfy at home. Buster enjoying the Montana snow! " I t 's a small world after all." How true are those words! In one of those interesting and coincidental life moments, we discovered just how connected we all are. My famil