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💚 Sharing Love & Sibe-rish Kisses on #FlashbackFriday! ☘️

  "Woo...Kiss me, Faith, I'm Sibe-rish!" says Wolfie in a 2016 Flashback. Oh, my FiveSibes were always up for some fun and were forever my favorite subjects! If it was about a party, or treats, or fun, they were all about it! Here, is one of my many fave photos of Wolfie celebrating the wearin'o' the green for St. Paddy's Day with my dear friend Jeanette's beautiful girl, Faith, and just perfect for this week's #FlashbackFriday with St. Patrick's Day being this Sunday. We always had so much fun with these two and us proud mommas dubbed them girlfriend and boyfriend...and they actually FaceTimed each other, several times! So much fun! Remember, JOY is all around you...find it, and embrace it. Hug your dogs. Enjoy a holiday together - fun or serious. They are our furry best friends and are with us for such a short enjoy every moment!     What fun things did you and your pup do for St. Paddy's Day?   "A good friend is like