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Flashback Friday: And They Call it Puppy Love!

Traveling down Memory Lane can be such a warm and wonderful thing to do. Looking back on our FiveSibes warms my heart, and reminds me of the kabillion fun and loving moments we've had together. While I miss my furangels something fierce, especially my big buddy boy Gibson, being a photographer and chronicling their almost every move serves as a wonderful reminder of all the happy, crazy, and joyous times spent together. It's a way of bringing back those days and getting to spend a few moments visiting with our pets and watching them grow all over again. Oh, and the laughs of raising not one, not two, but three Siberian Husky puppies together in addition to our original two, who just one- and two-year-old pups themselves, is one of those extra special momentous experiences in life I am so blessed to have! "You raised and trained THREE puppies at once?" is a very common question (along with raised eyebrows and wide eyes!) I have been asked over the years. Yes, we d