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Friday, July 8, 2016

Flashback Friday: And They Call it Puppy Love!

Traveling down Memory Lane can be such a warm and wonderful thing to do. Looking back on our FiveSibes warms my heart, and reminds me of the kabillion fun and loving moments we've had together. While I miss my furangels something fierce, especially my big buddy boy Gibson, being a photographer and chronicling their almost every move serves as a wonderful reminder of all the happy, crazy, and joyous times spent together. It's a way of bringing back those days and getting to spend a few moments visiting with our pets and watching them grow all over again. Oh, and the laughs of raising not one, not two, but three Siberian Husky puppies together in addition to our original two, who just one- and two-year-old pups themselves, is one of those extra special momentous experiences in life I am so blessed to have!

"You raised and trained THREE puppies at once?" is a very common question (along with raised eyebrows and wide eyes!) I have been asked over the years. Yes, we did! My daughter is my co-parent and did an amazing job with the Pupsters while I was out on the road working. Is it difficult? No, not really. Is it wild? Yes, absolutely! While when taught the command "Potty outside. Potty off the deck," we enjoyed proudly watching all three little tots go trotting all in a line out the back door, across the deck, and into "their" yard (yes, we have two sections, one is strictly for them - including areas to dig to their Husky hearts content)! At the same time, while in training, it could be mayhem when three puppies decide to go potty, miss the paper, or decide to bite and drag the pee-laden paper all over the floor with them!

Ah, the memories...and the laughs!

I remember reading a comment in an online dog group not too long ago where someone was talking about her two puppies, and someone commented that she needed to rehome one as raising two puppies from the same litter is some kind of "no-no." I don't know who ever told this person that, but seriously? Come talk to me. Our three Pupsters not only were brought home from a horrible backyard breeder situation (I know all about not supporting these people, but seriously, I could not leave them there. We took as many as we could out of a mud hole where their shelter was a box shared by five other puppies and their food source was one bowl in the middle of all the dirt and mud and it was every pup for themselves! Wolf attached himself to me and wouldn't let go, and I wouldn't let go of him! Chloe and Bandit were already on their way to the car with my daughter! I remember crying thinking I had to leave Wolf (as we were there for one pup because the breeder owed my husband money and we suggested a pup, but my daughter already had two in her arms and I had Wolf!) When as I closed my eyes to stop the tears, I heard my husband say, "We are taking all three."

Ah, the joy!

 I'm blessed my husband knows my love of animals and totally supports me (and my sometimes crazy ideas!) I think my daughter and I were totally giddy in the car ride home with three Husky puppies! I vaguely remember my husband saying something like, "I must be nuts!" Maybe, but I'm sure glad he is! This was the start of FiveSibes and it has been an incredible ride ever since! And the best part? To think these two sisters and one brother were able to grow up together and know complete love from our family and two other Huskies, Harley and Gibson. They were able to snuggle, play, rough house, run, swim, fetch, dig, kiss, eat, go to school, and sleep together every single day of their lives! 

Pupsters Bandit, Chloe & Wolf today!

And today, at age eight-and-a-half years old, they still act like puppies and are still each other's very best friend. Their puppy love captured our hearts, as well as the hearts of their big brother Gibson and his love, Harley, who immediately assumed the role of surrogate momma dog!

These FiveSibes have filled my heart with so much love and laughter, and even with the passing of my sweet wooly Epi boy, Gibson, we will always be the FiveSibes!

I know I've been lucky enough to be living the dream with one of the best life experiences a Husky mom could ever have!

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  1. I've raised two puppies at one time, and I'm contemplating doing it again. I can't imagine 3!

  2. Wonderful memories, wooos from all of us,

    Nuk & Family

  3. You have such a beautiful husky family - not everyone could do what you did with three youngsters and two others. Mom says she isn't sure she could do two at one time, but we are willing to let her try:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. I love being able to look back at our blog, too. Sometimes, I think that's what keeps me going!
    I have heard the "don't adopt littermate" thing, too, as well as that you "can't have two females"! HA! My first two Sibes were both females (as is the case here now, too) and though they weren't littermate, they had the same sire and were born 3 days apart. They were FABULOUS together. Oh well.
    Love seeing and reading about your pack!
    KZK (Cam and Maggie's mom)

  5. Oh my... what adorable little pupsters!

  6. What a great story. I always had one dog at a time but think it would be awesome to raise siblings.

  7. I can't imagine raising one puppy let alone three! I'm way too fond of a good night's sleep for that.

  8. I'd never heard that about pups from the same litter not being raised together. Perhaps I haven't heard it before because it doesn't matter! Your dogs are so cute!

  9. OMG, this is the most beautiful post Dorothy. I have tears in my eyes reading your beautiful story. I didn't know your three angels were rescued from such awful circumstances. Your husband is a gem of a man, you are so lucky to have each other & your Sibes are so lucky to have your family! I love this, I must share.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  10. I only heard about the litter mates issues recently. I always assumed they would get along but I guess you never know. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience and it was probably great that you had the slightly older two they could learn from. Such beautiful photos and memories.

  11. What an adventure raising three puppies at one time!! I'm so glad you take lots of photos to maintain those very special memories of your amazing dogs!

  12. I love trips down memory lane! This is such a lovely post. One of the best parts of blogging is that I have so many pictures of Pip and I love being able to look back on pictures and posts from the past.

    I do hope Gibson and Pip are together enjoying life at the bridge.

  13. I love going down memory lane with all the past pets I have had, I only wish I had photos of all of them :( You have been blessed and wish I could adopt more so that Layla could have a brother or sister - Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories

  14. Bless your husband and bless you for rescuing these beautiful dogs from a bad situation.

  15. Oh, thanks for sharing that walk, Dorothy! I love memory lane...always so many smiles down that road, lol =)It's wonderful you have all those lovely photos to fall back on, not to mention a supportive family!

  16. What a wonderful story, so lovely for you to share with us!

  17. That must have been both a lot of fun and exhausting when the puppies were small. I think having photos helps bring back good memories. I know that you have plenty of photos and good memories.

  18. What a busy and fun house you must have!