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We are Sending Heartfelt Condolences to the Rockin da Huskies Family

Graphic Source: Rockin da Huskies Hearing the devastating news that the Twete Family of Rockin' da Huskies , Rockin' da Moots , Rockin' da Rescue , Rockin da Shirts , suffered a devastating loss this past weekend when their beautiful daughter/sister, Cat Twete, was killed in an auto accident, it was just unimaginable. Rockin da Huskies has been iconic in the rescue and northern breed world, and so many of us have at least one (or many) Rockin shirt, decal, or product in our closet. They have so generously helped many rescues, auctions, and causes, including our own FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Fundraiser this past November. While we do not know them personally, but rather through our social media Husky "neighborhood," we all, through our love of dogs, do feel very connected to each other in our community, and we feel the loss of one of its members. It just breaks my heart to know the pain this family is going through and we can only send out our heart