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Happy Birthday, USA!

Woooo! Today is Independence Day - America's Birthday - and on the Fourth of July we enjoy so many traditions, such as parades, barbeques, picnics, yard games, swimming, and watching brilliant fireworks' displays. Today symbolizes an unofficial official start to summer time and fun time! Along with the holiday, comes some cautions for our pets. Topping the list is fireworks. While we may enjoy them, a lot of pets do not. They can cause fright, anxiety, and stress for many animals. Then, of course, there is lots of delicious human food around, but not everything we eat is safe for our pets to eat. Here's Wolf with a few friendly tips to help everyone in our families - pets and humans - have a safe, happy, and fun Fourth of July: A nother good thing to keep handy is your emergency vet hospital telephone number, or if you are away, the number of the nearest emergency clinic. And don't forget to leave it posted at home for your pup sitter's information.