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Happy Birthday, Harley! Come Celebrate & Enter to Win a Signed Copy of our Book!!

T oday is a very special is our beautiful alpha queen Harley's 7th Birthday! Harley is our first Siberian Husky and is my daughter's #1 girl! She knows she is the leader of the pack and enjoys "girl talk" time with my daughter and I, just hanging out on the chair or couch and giving us the occasional nod or mouth movement as we discuss everything from the day's events to movies to just how beautiful Harley is (she knows when we say "beautiful!")  H arley is amazing...even though she was the first Husky to rule our household, she welcomed Gibson in a year later with open paws, and then when the three Pupsters came, she took them all under her wing and became a wonderful surrogate momma to them. She loves her ratty blue Peep stuffed animal and her treasured pink ball, and gets so excited to play Fetch! and Tug-o-War, and loves to "polar bear" and body slam us and the other Sibes while playing! She can run like the wind, and smiles so b