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Forever Golden: Dedicated to Sugar

Today, we bid a golden farewell to an icon in the blogging world - Sugar, the Golden Retriever, star of Golden Woofs .  Sugar truly needs no introduction as I think we'd be hard-pressed to find a blogger who does not know of the beautiful Sugar, whether it is from the Tasty Tuesday blog hop where Sugar shared so many (p)awesome Tasty Treat recipes with all of us, to her (This Moment) See Beautiful blog hop, and the wise words of Sugar's Golden Wisdoms, It truly is a sad time here in Blogville when we lose a friend. While we may be a virtual community, our friendships and support for each other are true; both in good times and sad times, we are there for each other as most of us know all-too-well the deep sadness from the loss of a very special furry best friend. It is through such loss, that we can reach out to support another who is going though one of life's most heartbreaking times. I wish us all only happiness and "bea