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Original Love on a FiveSibes Flashback Friday

Today, Harley is showing a photo of "the Originals" of our FiveSibes pack family ~ her and  Gibson from when they were puppies! We are flashing back 10 years to when Gibson joined our family at four months of age, and Harley, the love of his life from first glance, was just over a year old! While this month marks five months since Gibson journeyed North of the Rainbow Bridge, in other ways it seems this photo was just taken only a short while ago. I miss my "married couple" and how they were always together, snuggling. As much as I had a very special bond with Gib, so did Harley. He was so smitten with his beautiful alpha queen. Oh, how precious time is, and it does indeed keep marching on. So keep sharing special moments together, making tomorrow's memories today. You never know when you're making a memory. Rickie Lee Jones Read more at: "You never know when you're