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Today is National Lost Dog Awareness Day

The Lost Dogs of America announces the first National Lost Dog Awareness Day (NLDAD), which is being held on April 23. According to a statement posted on and on , the directors of Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin - Susan Taney and Kathy Pobloskie - created the "canine-centric holiday" in order "to bring attention to all dogs that are lost each year. On a happier note, NLDAD also celebrates the thousands of lost dogs successfully reunited with their families." Their slogan "Not all stray dogs are homeless" is to remind people that the dog they see alone and roaming the street or field may very well be someone's lost dog. Taney states on , “When a dog goes missing, many families give up looking for their lost pet. National Lost Dog Awareness Day was created to give hope to the families still looking for their dogs and remind the public that not all stray