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Wild West Huskies Dress Up for Whitley

Today, we are joining in the Blogville's "Dress Up for Whitley" Day in memory of our sweet furpal.  Since Whitley loved wearing pretty little dresses her momma made for her, and she loved all things Texas, I thought my FiveSibes Wild Bunch dressed in their Old West duds would be the fitting photo to honor our sweet little furangel friend.  Whitley, you a nd your p re t ty little dresses sure are missed! Please find my sweet boy, Gibson, a/k/a "Marshall Gentleman Gib," send him my love, tell him I miss him, and then you two enjoy a nice round of frosty root beers together, share a burger, and enjoy some paw-tappin' music while giving a spin around the dance floor together, with your skirt twirling !  (Whitley, Gentleman Gib is a great dancer!)  There sure will be a rootin'-tootin' fun time up at the Rainbow Bridge today, that's for certain! Here's the rest of our FiveSibes pack in their  Western party best! Ride into t