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How Many Snow Dogs Do You See?!

  Winter Flashback ~ FiveSibes   “A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky...and seems like a thing of wonder.”     ~Susan Orlean With the past few days of snow we've been having here, it brought back to mind how much my FiveSibes loved to go out and play in it! It was as though we waited all year in anticiaption of wintery snow days and it was truly a magical world in our yard during and after a snowfall when I'd let my Huskies let out in the yard to play! I'd open the kitchen door and they would zoom out across the deck down the ramp and into the snowy yard below. Oh, how they had a blast, especially during the quiet snowy evenings,when they went out to investigate the newly fallen snow in the that wondrous peaceful silence that only happens right after a snowfall. Snowy nights were always a special time for my snow dogs and me. ❄️💙  Question: In the magical snowy evening photo above, can you count how many of my FiveSibes were playing out in the snow? H