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Flashback Friday: A Summer Book Signing With Buddy, the (Rescued) Christmas Husky

Meeting Buddy, the Christmas Husky! This Flashback Friday is an exciting one! As many of you know, one of the books I've written is based on the true story of a sick, abused and abandoned Siberian Husky who was rescued on Christmas morning back in 2011 as he wandered out onto a road and right into the path of oncoming traffic. He was dubbed "The Christmas Husky" because it was on Christmas Day and through the help of a Good Samaritan named Geneva, this boy (who was named Buddy), was quite literally saved and , with the help of online "Team Buddy," embarked upon a new journey that brought him to his foster mom states away and filled his life with much hope, love, and happiness from across the world, that still continues to this very day!  His is a tale for all time , not just Christmas time! You can catch up with Buddy over on his Buddy, the Christmas Husky Facebook page ! Be sure to tel l him the FiveSibes sent you! And , of course, you c