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It's National Dog Week! Time to Celebrate & Appreciate Our Best Friends

"Woooo, guys, it's National Dog Week!" Even though every day here at our house it is a "dog day," this week does mark the official National Dog Week, a great time to reflect back on our dogs' lives (as in our photo here when Wolf was a pup!) and just how much joy they bring to us each and every day. So what's a holiday without a celebration???  Last year's blog we had fun celebrating, and now it's the perfect excuse again to don some party hats, cue up the music, order in some pizza or BBQ up some yummy food to share with your furkids, and don't forget the vanilla ice cream cake! Any holiday is an official cause to celebrate with our FiveSibes! But, before we get too carried away with's a very interesting National Dog Week Blog , by author Lisa Begin-Kruysman,  to check out some great facts, trivia, art, and points about the origins of the week. You can also check out the National Dog Week Facebook page . According