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Santa's New K9 Elf

  Woo! Mom...I'm going to the North Pole! This week's #FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday is a bittersweet one. And also a bit creative as I imagine what Wolfie was thinking. On what turned out to be Wolfie's last day here before he earned his furangel wings, my boy and I had taken a short stroll out front where I held him and we had a heart-to-heart talk and his eyes told me his time has arrived. Before that chat, we did stop by some of our holiday decorations for some photos. Wolf took an immediate liking to Santa (I mean, who wouldn't like that jolly elf who brings presents and treats?)  Hey, Santa! Welcome back.  What's that? You want me for your K9 Elf?!   What an honor for Santa to handpick his K9 elf! Now, a dog must be a furangel in order to be picked. And then all the magic begins... But first...   Phew. I'm sorry, Mom. I'm getting really tired. I think I need to rest before my big journey north. But I had fun. I always had fun with you and my kiddos. An