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Exciting News! My New "Buddy, the Christmas Husky" Book Release and Gibson's Epi-Tip of the Day (#17!)

  I am so excited to announce that my next book, Buddy, the Christmas Husky: Based on a True Holiday Miracle will be published soon! If you are not familiar with Buddy, you can check out his Facebook page HERE ...Buddy is a real Siberian Husky who, as the back book cover describes: --> "An injured, starving, and homeless Siberian Husky is rescued by a Good Samaritan one snowy Christmas Day. Through a network of caring people across thousands of miles, the Husky, who becomes known as“Buddy, the Christmas Husky,” discovers that not all humans are mean and uncaring. His long journey brings him to find compassion, friendship, and a loving mom to call his own."   A percentage of proceeds, post production fees, will be donated to "Buddy's Buddies" through the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine." This donation will help with Buddy's medical expenses and other n eedy animals after his medical care is