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Are You Taking Your Dog To Work Today?

Today is the 20th Anniversary of Take Your Dog To Work Day®, an annual date to highlight the very special human-canine bond and also to promote pet adoptions! So, are you taking your furry best friend to the office today? Here, at FiveSibes, every day I take my dogs to work! As an author and freelance photojournalist, I have worked in an office for the most part of my career, and only recently have been totally home-based due to disabilities stemming from my Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and most recently Osteoarthritis diagnosis. Living with autoimmune diseases is a different battle every day - one that is not seen by most because it is, for the most part, an invisible enemy. Until the joints bend and twist with advancement of the RA, severe chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and limited range of motion pretty much takes over the body. As a full-time photojournalist and educational PR specialist who was always on the move and on the road to cover ma