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Canine Cooking Corner: Autumn Apples!

Wolf: "Hey, Bandit, hu-mom left her apple unattended! Let's get some licks in." Bandit: "Nommm...hurry up, Wolfie. I think I hear hu-mom coming back." FiveSibesMom: "Ahem. Did you guys lick that apple?" Silence...with two sets of blue eyes (not-so-innocently) staring at me in Husky denial. This past weekend dawned with brilliant folliage on the trees further up north from us. So, during a lovely drive through what looked like a beautiful Autumn painting, we spotted a cute little roadside orchard that bright orange pumpkins piled in the back of an old red International pickup, and inside was a cooler full of fresh-picked, large apples! We chose a bag of Honeycrisps, and they were hands-down the best apples we or our Huskies ever took a bite of! No wonder Wolfie and Bandit were tempted to a few licks of my apple! Did you know...? Apples are healthy treats for dogs either as an addition to a homemade treat, or even fresh apple bits? (Just be sure to ne