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Make Sure Your Dog Doesn't Have a Drinking Problem! Tips For Keeping Your Dog Hydrated!

#FiveSibes Flashback Photo ~ Harley ~ August 2015  Boy, it's been some summer here in the northeast! We've had hot, humid days mixed in with frequent rain showers, which only adds to more humidity. Right now, thankfully, we are having a break with a cool spell as it is in the 60s as opposed to the 90s, but with 88% humidity, but I'm not complaining! Another whole area of the country is under a tremendous heat alert with temps in the triple digits! The mid-west and south are predicted to be 20 degrees higher than normal! We sure hope all of our friends living under this dangerous heatwave will keep cool and safe. Keep those dogs out of the heat and give them plenty of fresh, cool water to keep them hydrated.   “A well-hydrated pet is a healthy pet. Make water their best friend.” ~Author Unknown Be sure to scroll down a bit and read my tips published in 4Knines.    Weather From NBC News Why they call these the dog days of summer makes no sense to this Siberian Husk