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Wrapped Up in Ribbon on #FlashbackFriday

FiveSibes Christmas Flashback 2015 Our dear sweet pupster Chloe. I don't think there could have been a more kinder, sweeter, oblivious Husky! Chloe was a perpetually happy Husky, always talking with her tail always wagging, her eyes always bright, and I swear that girl was always smiling. Of course, I think she believed a treat was always at the end of a greeting, but regardless, Chloe was our pack's sweetheart. She was also the one that  innocently always found herself in mischief or trouble. Always palling around with her brother and sister Wolf and Bandit, she would be the one to get tangled up in something that always left us laughing. Case in point, today's flashback we were turning around to gather up the ribbons for the tree trimming, this is how we found Chloe! Somehow, she managed to get the curly ribbons twirled all around her. I am writing this with a smile on my face, chuckling at the memory. With feeling sad as this is the first Christmas wi