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Flashback Friday: An "A" for Bee

It's official! The kiddos are all settled back in school for another year. It's class time not only for the hu-kids, but for the pups as well! Today we are flashing back to 2014 when our Pupster girl, Bandit, all decked out in her new backpack and bandana, was all ready for school! I had enrolled her in some one-on-one classes for what I originally thought was a hearing problem, but am pretty convinced now it was more of an attention issue. After getting a few tips, with a little extra TLC and treats, she has been back on track ever since! (Unless, of course, a squirrel, opossum, woodchuck, or bird visits our yard)! But I think our Bee gets an "A" for her spiffy Back-to-K9-School outfit! And what did Bee learn in class? That...   S - Siberian Huskies C - Can H - Have O - Oodles O – Of L – Learning fun! Have your pups been enrolled in school?  If so, what was their favorite part of class?  You're Invited!